Normal OS+3 vs. Synergized

Well, we gave it a shot and got some good attempts in on our 10 man OS +3 but in the end, we lost it.

The problems we’re facing are not problems with the flame breath, fortunately.  I only got killed by 1 of those the entire 2 hours we attempted it (I had a dinner engagement so the group knew we only had a few to get it done).  The major problem is the adds. There’s just so many of them and they’re really difficult to deal with when you have to burn the drakes down as fast as possible.

The group was set up as follows:

Me- Feral tank on Sarth (50k-ish hp buffed)

Prot Pally- Blaze+ Whelp tank

Feral Druid- Drake Tank

3 healers- Shaman, Pally, Disc Priest

DPS- Rogue (anesthetic poison the enraged blazes), Mage, Warlock, Ret Pally

No one dps’d Sarth at the beginning of the fight as I had to drag him across his island to tank him properly (the little corner of the island that juts out a tad). The dps got into their positions and the drake tank waited for him to pop while the blaze tank gathered them up and the dps tried to down those before Tenebron popped.

Once Tenebron popped we had our first issue, snap aggro. The feral druid was having a slight problem getting good threat established on Tenebron as the dps is required to bomb the hell out of him as soon as he lands. I realize now my mistake. The druid was actually a boomkin using his relatively good feral gear and recpeccing specifically for this fight. I should have given him a better idea for getting aggro very quickly in that situation (Enrage> FF> Berserked Mangle Spam). This was a big factor in many of our wipes (we got it going a tad better once the rogue was Tricking onto the druid.) Once this was taken care of however, we found that the adds got to an almost unmanagable point.


So basically, we’re diagnosing the cause of our failures. Firstly, the all out dps at the start caused aggro issues, we’ve corrected this with TotT going to the drake tank. Positioning issues when Shadron came down were corrected by transitioning from spawn A to spawn B during the dps downtime during the firewall. Adds being enraged and killing the Add tank was corrected by the rogue Anesthetic poison shivving. Our next problem is the massive amount of adds that spawn. We can’t seem to figure out how to prioritize this one. If we kill the adds, the drake is alive far too long. If we focus the drake, the adds swarm to a ridiculous number and kill our tank.

If anyone has any advice on this one, please contribute. We’ve gotten this worked out a bit so far but the question of the adds has us a bit stumped.


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Holy Batshit Arcane Goodness!

Arcane is the fucking shit! No, I am not just overly excited. I got jumped while leveling my 71 arcane mage by an 80 DK and nearly killed him. That’s right, 71 mage> 80 DK. The only thing that prevented the coup de grace was some 80 paladin hopping off his gryphon and hammering my face in, and it still took a couple of seconds for them to get me. (BTW, the DK jumped me while I was fighting something already so it was basically 2 on 1 and then 3 on 1 finally.)

So yeah, apparently the allies on my server need to team up at lvl 80 to kill level 71s. Shit, I’m not even pissed about getting ganked, I made that DK look stupid as hell before I died and almost killed the pally when he came back to get me solo (I have 8k hp at 71, he had 28k at 80).
So yeah… pew pew.

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Morality vs. Duty

Reading WoW blogs, it’s inevitable that you will have come across several posts lately regarding some Northrend quests. Gnomeageddon, Bigbearbutt, Critical QQ, and more have remarked on the quests in Northrend that are rather questionable in morality. The biggest one however, seems to be the Quest in Borean Tundra that has you torture information out of a prisoner.

First, I want to say that torture is of course wrong. Next, I want to completely contradict myself. If a person has information that is deemed either vital to the survival of another being or is necessary to prevent harm from falling upon others, it is my honest opinion that that information has to be extracted. By any means necessary (god, I’ve always wanted to say that).

This piece of garbage that’s been captured by the Kirin Tor is being held because his kind kidnapped and may also be torturing a leader of their’s. I wonder if there’s a Kalimdor Convention outlining the treatment of prisoners of war… Anyways, you have 2 choices in this case: Get the information from the prisoner quickly, or allow the captured leader to possibly die a horrible death (that’s not really said here but I doubt the mage hunters are going to say “Okay we’re done here. On your way,” pat her on the butt and send her home). Basically, you’re just doing that wuss of a Kirin Tor mage’s dirty work. He doesn’t have the stomach to do what needs to be done, so he asks you. Are you revolted? Are you disgusted? Does the quest go against your or your character’s moral code? If you answered no to the above questions, congrats and enjoy yourself. If you answered yes then I ask you one more question; Would you be willing to allow another being to die for your morals, for your own desire to keep your hands clean, for your revulsion at having to do what needs to be done? Kinda like a Catch 22 isn’t it (google it kiddies, I ain’t explaining it).

Big Bear Butt brings up another good point though. Add a choice. There are plenty of games out there that do this and each have consequences. In Fable 2, your behavior affects your purity and good/evilness and this affects your image but also, the choices you make affect the world around you. In the beginning of the game, if you choose to hand over some warrants you collected to a criminal, the part of the city you come back to later is a ghetto filled with thugs and hookers. If you hand the warrants to the guard that asked you to collect them, the city you come back to is a prosperous merchant quarter, and the guard (now sheriff) tells you that you’ll get a discount. It also unlocks the Bounty Hunter jobs. Adding these types of mechanics to the game gives it a more in-depth feeling and really hooks you into the game. For example: If you chose not to torture the guy, blizz could start another quest line where you actually find out the magister died due to the delay and, though you gain more experience due to a lengthier and more in-depth questline, you consequently lose rep with the Kirin Tor. Something like that would still feel good, even taking the rep penalty.

Unfortunately, I too was taken aback when this quest was given to me. I didn’t want to do it because it seemed…. out of place. WoW was never this dark before. It was always a tad more humorous and family friendly. Then I thought about it and decided I didn’t care (comes with not having a conscience) and tortured away. Of course, one look at the torture instrument decided me. He basically gives you a pointy stick. WTF am I gonna get from a pointy stick? Give me pliers and a dull serrated knife. Give me a chair and a length of rope with a weight at the end (thank you Casino Royale). Give me a car battery equipped with testicle clamps. Fuck! Giving me a pointy stick to torture someone with is like giving me a toothbrush and telling me to paint Warsong Hold. Bastard. So I pictured that it was like a cattle prod pointy stick instead. Zap zap zap. And there ya go.

Hey, it could have been worse. The mage could have said “I want you to use these pliers to take his fingernails off till he talks.”


(Btw, any bloggers that came here from the above linked posts, please feel free to delete the inevitable comment on your page. I just want to give examples and don’t know any other way to do so besides linking them.)

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So I lied…

Yeah, I’m not posting something on the details of a raid from a dps’s perspective b/c… well… it depends on the dps. See a melee is only going to understand whether they have to get out of the way for something, a ranged may have a better idea of wth is going on. Honestly though, it depends on the person behind the toon.

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Ugh, so tired…

After rereading my story from yesterday, I found around 8 or 9 things I wanted to fix. Though I like that the mage did come off as an elitist racist prick. Just too tired to edit now.

Anyways, working on a couple of posts. Gonna update maybe Saturday after our 10 man attempt at Sartharion +3. It seems like it’s going to hurt… alot.

Working on posting about raids from a dps perspective and how much it differs from a tank’s or healer’s perspective (inspired by a rogue yesterday telling me “I just stab shit”).

On a more serious note, poop is funny. That is all.

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The pathetic lower race…

*Warning, this is an RP story post that I said I would start in this post. This is for amusement and entertainment. Please skip this if you don’t like these types of posts.*

Majick dismounted his wind rider and grimaced. The stink of sweaty tauren and orc filled the cramped space of this pathetically small outpost. Barely hiding his disgust for the unwashed flith, he began to mount his horse when he was stopped by a young orc warrior, clearly just starting his chosen career. To the mage’s surprise, the orc was able to speak with coherence and intelligence instead of the halting and struggling speech of most of his station.

“Mage, we need your help. There are two Alliance that are attacking the soldiers here.”

Majick’s eyes flashed and the air around him buzzed with energy, making the young warrior nervous. All undead detested those not of their kind, even their barely tolerated Horde allies. The mage, however, had a special hatred for the Alliance, having been attacked on more than one occassion throughout his long career.

“What are they orc?” The mage was far too old and had been through too many battles to rush headlong into a fight without information.

The orc nodded, clearly please with the Forsaken’s response.

“There is a dwarf hunter and a very large bear that we believe to be a druid. They are attacking members of our scout parties and several of the vendors in the area have been found dead in their stalls. I was able to observe the hunter however I was unable to determine his skill. He is far more advanced than I am to be sure” The orc looked somewhat distressed by this fact.

Majick nodded. The orc was far from a warrior’s prime, and was most likely less skilled than most in the area.

“I will find them and destroy them both, young orc, and I will savor it,” he hissed.

The warrior raised his eyebrows and nodded his head, stepping aside to allow the volatile mage pass.

Majick climbed atop his horse and began to leave the Crossroads when he was stopped by another orc warrior. This warrior was a pathetic excuse for a being, even for an orc. His armor was badly rusted and beaten and his body already going to soft at a young. His face had even less intelligence in it than most orcs. Majick believed he already knew where this conversation would go.

“You give me gold?” Majick recoiled from the strong smell of spirits on the fool’s breath before leaning forward and scowling.

“Move aside simpleton. You will get neither my gold nor my pity, but if you continue to hinder or pester me, I will gladly give you my wrath.” growled the undead, putting his power of the arcane behind his words to force them into the orc’s thick skull.

The orc hastily retreated and went to look for another to beg from. The undead sniffed, why the Dark Lady ever decided to ally with these beasts he would never know. He dug his heels into the fleshless sides of his warhorse to urge him on and left the began to scout the outer edges of the Crossroads.

The wizard looked around him, internally lamenting the fact that his component gathering brought him to the hot and glaring Barrens. If he had known, he may have thought twice before studying the art of glyphs.

So involved with his inner thoughts, he forgot he was scouting for Alliance and found a rather large boar rushing out at him. Majick dismounted quickly, trying to throw up a defensive shield before he was gored on one of the hated creatures tusks. The boar, however, was too close and lunged. The mage noted the boar and saw that it really posed no threat to him, simply stepping to the side as it charged past. He turned around and studied the animal as it recovered itself for a second pass, and then stopped. The boar was a normal boar, but of a slightly different variety than those found close by in durotar. This one actually looked like the ones that could be found in…

The mage’s eyes widened with realizing his own danger, he quickly threw up a defensive spell to shield himself, narrowly deflecting the arrow that had been shot at him. He turned and looked at the dwarf who had fired upon him and sneered. This was no threat to him, this dwarf was so far below his ability that disposing of him seemed less a chore and more a passing whim.

The dwarf recognized this at the same time and, eyes filling with fright, frantically chanted a quick spell and fired another arrow. Majick could tell what this one was, a funny little hunter spell that put their target to sleep. Majick smiled as the arrow impacted and the spell fizzled, unable to put the undead mage into a sleep.

The dwarf dropped his bow and turned to run.

“Fool” Majick laughed. “Have you never faced THE FORSAKEN!?”

With that he sent a bolt of arcane energy into the dwarf’s body, ripping his life from him in less than a second. The mage walked over the body, sending out a small final explosion to dispatch the hunter’s pet.

As he passed the body, a roar ripped through the savannah. He turn to find a tremendous bear ripping the throat of a guard out and turning to face him. He smiled, this must be our druid friend, I suppose we could toy with our food first. The bear had been fighting the guards for some time while someone close to Majick’s level of ability would have easily dispatched them.

“Come then druid, I am eager to feast on your corpse.” Spoken in his best common.

The druid roared again and replied “I will tear the unlife from your carcass, abomination.” And with that said, the druid charged. The mage watched as the bear cam closer and closer and at the last possible second, he froze the ground around him, trapping the druid in ice. The druid howled in rage. Majick shook his head, a more experienced druid would have shifted to a smaller form and simply slipped out of the ice, this one was far too young to present any amusement. He reached out and patted the bears head, careful to pull away  before he was bitten.

He slowly began to walk away and cast a slowing spell on his victim, watching as the bear struggled to catch up to him. He laughed and walked right next to it and then cut it with his small dagger. This caused no real harm to the druid but demonstrated that the elf had gotten in over their head. The druid realized this and that they were being toyed with and said a silent prayer right before a barrage of arcane energy tore into the bear, ripping it from the world of the living in a wave of agony.

Majick smiled and walked over to the corpse that had turned back into the Night Elf female. He dropped down into a crouch and breathed deep the smell of death before enjoying his feast. Night elves always tasted best.


A mass of steel and cold dead flesh shifted far away as the cries of comrades falling reached him. He picked up his blue hued glowing warsword and began to walk in the direction of the Barrens…

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Yay, creative-ity-ness!

This post inspired me to start my own little story since I loves it when people make WoW stories. Probably up later today. For now: this!

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