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Love is in the air… or is that the smell of bullshit?

Anyone who has done or tried to do this past holiday acheivement knows, like I do, that this was quite the pain in the ass. “The Love Fool” title seems cool, but at the same time, was it worth it for those of you who got it?

I attempted this one for a few hours, after ending up with around 25 pledges of friendship and 40 or so Grunt Cards, along with assorted arrows and rings etc. I said “Where the FUCK is my pie!?” That’s right, 5 hours of flirting with orcs and running around dealing with trade channel annoyances left me quivering with rage repeating “It’s fop,  Finest in the shop.  Or we have shepherd’s pie peppered with actual shepherd on top. And I’ve just begun…(quote) No pie for Moo. No broken heart either though… Made me wonder. Anyways, after chanting Sweeney Todd pie references and singing “Unbreak my heart! Say you’ll love me again!” every time I heard someone say “Broken Heart, WTB Mend Plz, Org bank!” I decided this achievement was assuredly not for me and commenced attempting to make money off it… didn’t work.

So, what horror stories of this Valentine’s crap fest can you all tell me? Did anyone actually try to log on on V-Day with their significant other around and BS their way around it? Oh, juicy, do tell.


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World of Warcraft Drinking games, bad ideas one and all…

This post is inspired by the mile high hangover caused by wednesday’s “The Ice Stone has melted.” spamathon (I wasn’t on last night, cursed thunderstorms/winds knocked my power out.)

Wipe a shot- Are you doing progression content? Do you desire a little pick-me-up everytime you die horrible to a Void Zone or to a Fire Wall or Malygos kicking your nuts in? Well, welcome to the solution! Organize the game on vent and let the drinking begin. Everytime you wipe, take yourself a shot of your favorite liquor and look forward to death! (Disclaimer: Depending upon the raid, this may be excessive. Please note that in multiple wipe encounters, participation in this game will likely lead to inebriation, more wipes, and eventually alcohol poisoning. If this is likely, please use something less potent than liquor, like… beer)

Battleground Drinking Blitz: Doing a BG? Find grinding BGs boring? Tired of being trounced? Enjoy yourself by taking a drink anytime the other team does something beneficial! Did they just cap the flag? Drink. Did they just knock down yellow? Drink. Did they just cap LM? Drink. Pretty soon you won’t give a shit that your faction sucks on your Battlegroup, hell, you probably won’t remember which faction you’re on! (Disclaimer: If your group sucks, seriously, you might want to switch to having a shot everytime you lose a battleground. It will prevent the stomach pump from coming out.)

And finally, the (now extinct) best drinking game ever! Drinking the Ice Stone: Hey it’s melted right? So that means we can drink it? I’m all out of Ice Stone…hmmm.. I have this whiskey here though. How about I just drink that every time I see that emote come up? Oops, there it is! *Shot* Woo, the Ice Stone replacement Whiskey is strong sh- Wait, it melted again! *Shot* Agh! Okay, now then, I was in the middle of Org with prefume on chatting up a…Hmm, again? *Shot* *Cough* Okay, sho thish herrr guard wash like-un mah perf- … FUCK! How many Aish Shtonesh are thurr!? *Shot* Uh… *thud* (Fastest drinking game ever, oh and yes, it took way more shots than 4 to do it but I don’t feel like typing that much.)

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Morality vs. Duty

Reading WoW blogs, it’s inevitable that you will have come across several posts lately regarding some Northrend quests. Gnomeageddon, Bigbearbutt, Critical QQ, and more have remarked on the quests in Northrend that are rather questionable in morality. The biggest one however, seems to be the Quest in Borean Tundra that has you torture information out of a prisoner.

First, I want to say that torture is of course wrong. Next, I want to completely contradict myself. If a person has information that is deemed either vital to the survival of another being or is necessary to prevent harm from falling upon others, it is my honest opinion that that information has to be extracted. By any means necessary (god, I’ve always wanted to say that).

This piece of garbage that’s been captured by the Kirin Tor is being held because his kind kidnapped and may also be torturing a leader of their’s. I wonder if there’s a Kalimdor Convention outlining the treatment of prisoners of war… Anyways, you have 2 choices in this case: Get the information from the prisoner quickly, or allow the captured leader to possibly die a horrible death (that’s not really said here but I doubt the mage hunters are going to say “Okay we’re done here. On your way,” pat her on the butt and send her home). Basically, you’re just doing that wuss of a Kirin Tor mage’s dirty work. He doesn’t have the stomach to do what needs to be done, so he asks you. Are you revolted? Are you disgusted? Does the quest go against your or your character’s moral code? If you answered no to the above questions, congrats and enjoy yourself. If you answered yes then I ask you one more question; Would you be willing to allow another being to die for your morals, for your own desire to keep your hands clean, for your revulsion at having to do what needs to be done? Kinda like a Catch 22 isn’t it (google it kiddies, I ain’t explaining it).

Big Bear Butt brings up another good point though. Add a choice. There are plenty of games out there that do this and each have consequences. In Fable 2, your behavior affects your purity and good/evilness and this affects your image but also, the choices you make affect the world around you. In the beginning of the game, if you choose to hand over some warrants you collected to a criminal, the part of the city you come back to later is a ghetto filled with thugs and hookers. If you hand the warrants to the guard that asked you to collect them, the city you come back to is a prosperous merchant quarter, and the guard (now sheriff) tells you that you’ll get a discount. It also unlocks the Bounty Hunter jobs. Adding these types of mechanics to the game gives it a more in-depth feeling and really hooks you into the game. For example: If you chose not to torture the guy, blizz could start another quest line where you actually find out the magister died due to the delay and, though you gain more experience due to a lengthier and more in-depth questline, you consequently lose rep with the Kirin Tor. Something like that would still feel good, even taking the rep penalty.

Unfortunately, I too was taken aback when this quest was given to me. I didn’t want to do it because it seemed…. out of place. WoW was never this dark before. It was always a tad more humorous and family friendly. Then I thought about it and decided I didn’t care (comes with not having a conscience) and tortured away. Of course, one look at the torture instrument decided me. He basically gives you a pointy stick. WTF am I gonna get from a pointy stick? Give me pliers and a dull serrated knife. Give me a chair and a length of rope with a weight at the end (thank you Casino Royale). Give me a car battery equipped with testicle clamps. Fuck! Giving me a pointy stick to torture someone with is like giving me a toothbrush and telling me to paint Warsong Hold. Bastard. So I pictured that it was like a cattle prod pointy stick instead. Zap zap zap. And there ya go.

Hey, it could have been worse. The mage could have said “I want you to use these pliers to take his fingernails off till he talks.”


(Btw, any bloggers that came here from the above linked posts, please feel free to delete the inevitable comment on your page. I just want to give examples and don’t know any other way to do so besides linking them.)

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Lets bring the mage out!

So I started leveling my mage again. It is decidedly more fun to nuke the shit out of monsters while they slowly run at you than it is to jump on them and bite them (ok, maybe not THAT much more fun.)

But, dear 1.5 average readers, I am at an impasse. You see, I am currently leveling my mage frost, and although I do love the frost nukes, I have to wonder if Arcane might not be the better bet. I’ve watched our mages switch from the frostfire spec to arcane and watched their numbers absolutely sky rocket. I’m not talk about a difference of 3200 to 3300 or some number like that that may have more to do with gear, this is a whole new type of ass whooping. Our arcane mages were pumping out around 4400-4500 dps on sartharion on saturday (we downed him+1 with 20 people for 2 achievements, woot).

After seeing this absolutely ridiculous amount of dps, I couldn’t resist. I had to level my mage. It just couldn’t be helped. But how shall I level? Do I want to continue bringing the freeze, or melt faces with Arcane? I’ll do a bit more research on this and maybe get into a couple builds and etcetera so that those who stumble on this page don’t think it’s an absolute waste of time.

Edit: So I made the switch, I decided to try out my own arcane spec for soloing. For those of you wondering, the normal Arcane Raid Spec is here. It maximizes your dps with Elemental Precision and Icy Veins. The normal spell rotation (oh god the mana sucking horror) is Arcane Blast x3> Arcane Missiles> Arcane Barrage. This is tricky, Arcane Barrage must be cast before the final missile is sent, otherwise it won’t get the buff.

Sure, it’s not the most mana friendly for soloing but with Evocation on a 2 minute cooldown, it’s just too tempting. For raiding situations where there’s no AOE, you’d want to use Evoc at the very last second of Ivy Veins, the channeling time will be shorter that way, but if there’s a lot of AOE, use that Evoc in conjunction with a full icy veins to prevent interruption, you’ll need the full Evoc.

Oh, and Torment the Weak just makes me weep with joy. While soling, can you think of a time when you don’t slow an enemy? I can’t. And in raids? I guarantee there’s a slow effect on the boss or trash. Thunderclap for warriors, Infected Wound for druids, and some Judgement for Pallies will slow the target. It doesn’t just mean “slow” as in a snare, it also means their attack speed, isn’t that tasty?

I’ll post here when I try it out in leveling finally, right now trying to level herbalism and inscription.

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Tanking Threat and me

Every good tank knows threat. Threat is what makes you stand up to that mob and say “Hey bitch, right here!”

But, how does one develop threat? So used to trying to hold threat off of super zealous dps last night, I ran in on Patchwerk (43k hp druid offtank thank you) and started unloading on him like I was trying to MT. Of course, that caused me to gain initial threat. The paladin tank picked him up easy enough off me once I realized the error of my ways but I still felt like a nub. (In my defense I was drinking to dull the pain in my mouth from my relatively botched wisdom teeth removal). Oops.

In another instance, while tanking some things, I find myself actually having to work at staying above the dps.  I decided it’s time to focus on my rotation.

The rotation really depends on the boss fight. If you’re doing something like Sapphiron, Noth, or Heigan; lacerate is more trouble than it’s worth. The bleed effect is going to wear off. Your best bet is to swipe with maul and mangle and FF whenever the cooldown is up (btw, don’t bother with FF if a moonkin w/ imp FF is in the raid, it’ll just waste precious moments in hitting a dead button and having the “A more powerful spell is already active” message come up.

Now, on more stationary bosses where they aren’t going to run away, lacerate can be included.


Usually on Sapph my rotation looks something like this:

FF (moonkin usually hasn’t thrown his at the very beginning so it gives you some nice initial threat.)> Mangle> Maul+ Lacerate x2> Mangle> Lacerate+ Maul x 3> Mangle> Swipe +maul x2> Mangle

Basically lacerate+maul between mangles until a 5 stack, then swipe+ maul between mangles, only lacerating to refresh the stack. FF should be used in there as well but I’m nearly always raiding with an Imp. FF moonkin so I never get to use it. None stationary fights look something like this:

Mangle> Swipe + Maul x2>rinse>repeat for eternity.

Using this rotation I don’t have any issues with threat and can usually moderate around 4.6k tps at the least.

Now… I don’t use Imp. Mangle. I know, I can’t believe me either. But it kinda makes sense. Mangle is now not that big a deal. I read on Thinktank ( that at the threat per second difference is tiny and without that tiny little bit of threat you can put some points in more cat friendly talents to help your raid when you aren’t tanking(let’s face it, they’d rather you dps Thaddius than the prot warrior). My cat dps (while awful) went up around 300 by switching a few talents around (I can’t remember what okay? I’m sorry but I know I took the one that reduces Shred’s energy cost). 

Which is another thing I have a problem with, since when has melee deeps become so complicated? Isn’t tanking supposed to be more difficult. Instead, now tanking is a swipe+ maul fest of bad and cats have to remember sequences of 90 some possibilities to get mediocre dps while mages can scorch spam and hot streak their way to 3k dps (no, that’s not exaggerating, someone pulled that off last night on Patch on a dare). I hope Ulduar has some tanking challenges, sheesh.

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Guild Drama,why do we put up with it…

You’ve all seen it. Things are 100% fine. Everyone is coasting along, then something happens. It can happen in one of two ways. 1.) Someone is gradually grating everyone’s nerves by being a jerk, sucking, goofing off in inappropriate times or in an inappropriate manner, or all of the above; or 2.) something happens to just set someone off. It seems like this is becoming worse and worse lately in all guilds since I see a lot of bloggers blogging about it. Is it because the content in WotLK is basically done for the moment? Whatever the reason, it can get bad.

The guild I’m in, The Synergized, is a casual, family-friendly guild. Family-friendly meaning that we don’t allow cussing and inappropriate talk in guild raids, guild chat, or vent. It’s just not allowed. “Wait, but Moo… you cuz like a truck driver….” Fuck you, this isn’t in guild. Reason being that some people have kids in the guild and don’t want them to see rolling lines of type of cuss words. I understand there’s a language filter, I know it’s there for a reason. That’s beside the point. The rules have been in effect for a very very long time, we aren’t going to just up and change them because someone wants to type out cuss words.

Now, I say we’re casual in the sense that raiding is not our #1 priority. We’re a friendly guild. We mostly all like to raid but we really like to keep it laid back. We don’t snap out on people if they are sub-par at dps. We don’t tell people that they need to be on all for every raid. We raid 3 hours a night, 4 nights a week and if you can’t make it, just let us know and it’s cool. We’ve made it to #12 on the server like this and I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment when the guilds above you and several spots below you are serious raiding guilds. My point is that we have never been hardcore serious before and I don’t think we have plans to be in the future.

Now, enter guild drama. I woke up on sunday in a slight haze as my night time pain killers were wearing off (wisdom teeth got pulled last week). I signed on to do some dailies. So we’re chatting, being friendly, etc. etc. There’s 2 officers, me and another, and another officer on his alt. So someone says “damn” in guild chat. It’s not that big a deal. We had let it go before but now ask nicely not to say it in guild chat. Apparently, this was far too much to ask. Commence a 45 minute long conversation where this one member argues with me about whether or not he should be allowed to say it. I wasn’t debating about whether “damn” is a cuss word mind you. I actually agreed that it wasn’t that bad of a word. No, what I was arguing about was the fact that this guildy, instead of acknowledging an officer asking him not to say something (she explained it very nicely too, some members find it offensive so please don’t do it) and maybe stating that he didn’t agree with it but okay, he chose instead to debate with us (then just me, and then other guildies who came online to the conversation) about whether it was a good rule (mind you, we ask you to agree with the rules first). After a very long time, we settled down and he basically told me he’d do it anyway and I told him that he’d most likely be kicked.

Now, I don’t care about the cuss words myself. I could care less if someone said “shit” in g chat. The point is respect. It’s respect for the guildies who don’t want to see it. It’s respect for the guildies who have kids that may be online. It’s respect for the damn rules of the guild you signed up for. Is it too much to ask? Not in my opinion. But some people don’t get it. It’s not the words I care about, it’s the guildies. If I bend the rules to make you happy, I can upset another guildy. So the rules are there. Obey or get the fuck out. The guy didn’t get kicked, though the GL gave me the option. I said he deserved 1 more chance but there have been other complaints about him so he’s on probation. 1 more strike.


Now another instance of drama. The same damn day, later in Nax, we steamrolled the remainder. We only had military quarter and then the last 2. Raid time was set at 6 server. At 6 server, for the last 2 weeks or so, we’ve started invites. This sunday they started early because our GL wasn’t on so we wanted to get in faster. So invites go out and at exactly 6 server our MT, who I always thought was a pretty cool guy, starts calling out who isn’t there. Look, I get that you’re impatient but that’s fucking annoying. And he kept doing it. Throughout the entire instance, he was fast pulling. The guy is an amazing tank, don’t get me wrong. He’d pull a group, I’d run in and pick a few off him, he’d start pulling right after. That’s how I like to pull. But his attitude started to grate our, I say our b/c I wasn’t the only one. He was acting like he was suddenly the god of the raid, and what he says goes. It was annoying. I couldn’t figure out why he was acting this way. Then it hit me, the GL wasn’t on. It’s apparently a “be a prick for free” card. It was fine though, he was just grating nerves with his attitude, it wasn’t like he was being insulting… Well, until we downed Kel’thuzad. Now, we 1 shot the entire raid. No wipes. We had rogues and DKs up front interrupting, the tank was helping. After the raid, the tank throws up the interrupt meter showing that the rogue and he were the top 2 interrupters. Next in line was a DK with 6, then our ret pally. Firstly, it needed to be addressed because our tank died once during the fight (luckily there was a save by one of our DKs till a B-rez was thrown) and he was still second, fourth in line was our ret pally who has a 60 second cd on his interrupt. Why did our dks have so much trouble? This could have been addressed in a calm or civil manner. What happens? “You guys freaking fail, look at these interrupts”… Oh great. So one of our DKs, the one with 6 interrupts, tries to explain why it might be difficult for them to interrupt. Who fires back at him and attacks him? The tank? Nope. Another DK. One that either wasn’t on the meters or had 1 interrupt, I don’t know who it was. Pandemonium ensues. Oh ho ho though. Our guild leader managed to sneak onto vent right before the last fight and listen in (while he waited for the 15 minute long server queue) and managed to break it up somewhat.


Now here’s the main problem. If we kick the people who start the problems, we start discord. Their friends decide they’ll leave too. Then we have open raid spots that we need to recruit to fill or train new people for. If we don’t, then we say this is okay and that the drama they cause is not a problem since there are no repurcussions. I personally, just feel like playing an alt tonight instead of raiding, drama has sucked the fun right out of the game for me.

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Guess who’s back

Dear 1.3 readers, the Moo is back. Oh yes, here I am, new and improved. I’m oh so very sorry for not posting in so long, you see, I had things to do… ya know… stuff. Okay, there was someone else 😥 It didn’t mean anything, they were just so new and so incredible. I had fun with them. But I swear, I always knew I would come back, it was just a question of when I had enough time between working and my new mistress… WotLK.

Oh yes, that new expac is a sexy bitch alright. Can’t get enough of JC dailies with a 200 gold reward. Cooking dailies with spices that sell like crack. And get this, stabbing dragons while in flight, trying not to fall or be muched by their jaws! Fuck yeah baby!

But I digress. My post now is to confess. Dear heavenly internet, I have sinned. I have laid down my branches and picked up the fur. I have forsaken by healing heritage, of which I had plenty of since before BC, and now walk the path of the bear. “Gasp” you say? “No” you cry? “Why” you ask?Well friend, I’ll get to that. My guild was as surprised as anyone. But… it’s just fun on bosses now. Lacerate, mangle, maul, swipe, hit your Defender’s code and Monarch Crab and Barkskin at different intervals. Oh yes, it is “the sexy”.

Now, as to “why”… It seems my lot in life to choose the wrong path consistently… I was a PvE Resto Druid in a time when Resto Druids ruled PvP and were at least partially shunned in PvE. I chose to level moonkin, when clearly resto was the best choice. I chose fire as a spec for my mage, right before arcane was announced it’s ridiculous buff. So, it only seems natural that I would choose feral druid and gear myself out right before the armor nerf was announced… God hates me…  So now I have a bear tank just as blizzard is about to nerf the fur off his butt. It’s a crying shame.

I don’t want to put a bad light on this, I love the new expac. The content is a little… well… crappy right now. Nax is back but… why? It used to be such an awesome, challenging, cool looking instance. Now it feels like Kara-lite. I feel cheated out of a decent storyline as to why it was removed and is floating in Dragonblight. The instances are fun but consist of AOE fests until bosses, which are then usually easy (though I am convinced the snake boss in H-Gundrak is the hardest single boss in the game right now, Kel and Saph included.) I can hardly wait to see Ulduar and the Sartharion-like content inside like blizz promised us.

I hope your enjoying the content that you’ve had for the last 2 months and I will talk to you again soon. Have a blast in the new content. Unfortunately, I may need to spec back to healer to experience this, as our mitigation is now lower than any tank in the game… Well, at least I didn’t roll a DK.

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