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Love is in the air… or is that the smell of bullshit?

Anyone who has done or tried to do this past holiday acheivement knows, like I do, that this was quite the pain in the ass. “The Love Fool” title seems cool, but at the same time, was it worth it for those of you who got it?

I attempted this one for a few hours, after ending up with around 25 pledges of friendship and 40 or so Grunt Cards, along with assorted arrows and rings etc. I said “Where the FUCK is my pie!?” That’s right, 5 hours of flirting with orcs and running around dealing with trade channel annoyances left me quivering with rage repeating “It’s fop,  Finest in the shop.  Or we have shepherd’s pie peppered with actual shepherd on top. And I’ve just begun…(quote) No pie for Moo. No broken heart either though… Made me wonder. Anyways, after chanting Sweeney Todd pie references and singing “Unbreak my heart! Say you’ll love me again!” every time I heard someone say “Broken Heart, WTB Mend Plz, Org bank!” I decided this achievement was assuredly not for me and commenced attempting to make money off it… didn’t work.

So, what horror stories of this Valentine’s crap fest can you all tell me? Did anyone actually try to log on on V-Day with their significant other around and BS their way around it? Oh, juicy, do tell.


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