Love is in the air….

Conversation between my wife and I the other night.

Moo: You’re a punk.

Mrs. Moo: Yeah, well you’re a smelly punk now go to sleep.

Moo: I only smell because I sleep downwind from you.

Mrs. Moo: No no, you sleep downwind from me because I refuse to have it the other way. Now shut up and go to sleep.

Moo: But I’m hungry.

Mrs. Moo: Go to sleep Joshua or I will make you go to sleep.

Moo: How would you make me go to sleep? Tell me about your day?

Mrs. Moo: Oh yeah. I stayed home all day and played World of Warcraft, that’s WoW. I went and killed a bunch of allies and then the guild wanted me to tank stuff…. oh wait, no that’s your day.

Moo: Actually I only played WoW most of the day, the rest of the day I spent writing your suicide note.

Mrs. Moo: Bastard.

Moo: Good night sweetie.


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