Is everyone broke?

People begging for money is getting more and more frequent. In fact, someone who left our guild because no one would give him money for his epic flying mount just whispered me the other day saying we were “like real good friends” when I actually told him several times that he could be kicked (this guy used to go afk for long periods without warning in raids, let his friend play his account, and begged for gold in guild chat) for any number of reasons. So he whispers me and acts all “buddy buddy” and, of course, I know where this is going. So I play along for a while, I guess you could say I pull a little “Greedy Goblin” on him and trail him along for a bit. So inevitably, the little jerk finally asks for gold, he still hasn’t gotten his epic mount. I decide to have some fun with him before putting him on ignore and I tell him to meet me in Dalaran to trade as blizz “screens the mail and deletes it to fight against gold sellers” which is somewhat true… Anyways we get there and I open trade with him and put 10k in the window. Yes I have it, no I’m not rich but I know what to do on the auction house to make money. The thing is, I never accept the trade. I actually go afk for a minute and make some food, do the dishes, etc. This guy apparently freaked and started messaging members of the guild. Heh, needless to say, he’s on ignore now but I’m doing this everytime I get a begger now, it’s just too fun not to.


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