World of Warcraft Drinking games, bad ideas one and all…

This post is inspired by the mile high hangover caused by wednesday’s “The Ice Stone has melted.” spamathon (I wasn’t on last night, cursed thunderstorms/winds knocked my power out.)

Wipe a shot- Are you doing progression content? Do you desire a little pick-me-up everytime you die horrible to a Void Zone or to a Fire Wall or Malygos kicking your nuts in? Well, welcome to the solution! Organize the game on vent and let the drinking begin. Everytime you wipe, take yourself a shot of your favorite liquor and look forward to death! (Disclaimer: Depending upon the raid, this may be excessive. Please note that in multiple wipe encounters, participation in this game will likely lead to inebriation, more wipes, and eventually alcohol poisoning. If this is likely, please use something less potent than liquor, like… beer)

Battleground Drinking Blitz: Doing a BG? Find grinding BGs boring? Tired of being trounced? Enjoy yourself by taking a drink anytime the other team does something beneficial! Did they just cap the flag? Drink. Did they just knock down yellow? Drink. Did they just cap LM? Drink. Pretty soon you won’t give a shit that your faction sucks on your Battlegroup, hell, you probably won’t remember which faction you’re on! (Disclaimer: If your group sucks, seriously, you might want to switch to having a shot everytime you lose a battleground. It will prevent the stomach pump from coming out.)

And finally, the (now extinct) best drinking game ever! Drinking the Ice Stone: Hey it’s melted right? So that means we can drink it? I’m all out of Ice Stone…hmmm.. I have this whiskey here though. How about I just drink that every time I see that emote come up? Oops, there it is! *Shot* Woo, the Ice Stone replacement Whiskey is strong sh- Wait, it melted again! *Shot* Agh! Okay, now then, I was in the middle of Org with prefume on chatting up a…Hmm, again? *Shot* *Cough* Okay, sho thish herrr guard wash like-un mah perf- … FUCK! How many Aish Shtonesh are thurr!? *Shot* Uh… *thud* (Fastest drinking game ever, oh and yes, it took way more shots than 4 to do it but I don’t feel like typing that much.)


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  1. Mmm sounds like a standard Friday night raid night…

    Party wipes… have a drink…

    Boss down… have a drink…

    As the night goes on, the 1st happens more and more often, and the 2nd less and less often.

    At the end of the night people can be heard (muttering drunkenly), we would have been alright if our healers weren’t all plastered…

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