Dear Blizzard

Hi there, it’s me. Look, there’s something you need to know… You’ve changed. I don’t know why or how but I have my theories.We used to have so much fun but ever since you started hanging out with that OTHER company, you’ve seemed restless and constantly in change. First you like arcane mages, then you don’t, now you really do. You buff the hell out of feral druids, then nerf their armor but to a point that’s still manageable, and now threaten us with further changes. Why? We used to have it so good. Sure there were the bad times (40 man raid groups, 3 day long Alterac Valleys) but there were also the good times (the sense of accomplishment and wild cheers on vent from downing Ragnaros the first time, knowing what your class did and didn’t do without a doubt, Karazhan). Now, you can’t seem to sit still. You’re flipping class mechanis around each month, giving and then taking away. I wish we could go back, I really do. I long to sit down and stare longingly at the screen for hours while I get ready to farm Essences or run a Heroic or take a trip through Kara. But no. We can’t go back. Instead, you promise me things will get better. You say Ulduar is going to be great. I say it’s too little too late. I say you neglected our relationship long enough and I’m just fed up with your constantly changeable moods.


I’ll stick around a few more months to check out Ulduar, but I’m doing it for the kids, Blizzard, not you.

Conditionally yours,


P.S. Plz cn I haz feral parry? Thanx joo.


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