Normal OS+3 vs. Synergized

Well, we gave it a shot and got some good attempts in on our 10 man OS +3 but in the end, we lost it.

The problems we’re facing are not problems with the flame breath, fortunately.  I only got killed by 1 of those the entire 2 hours we attempted it (I had a dinner engagement so the group knew we only had a few to get it done).  The major problem is the adds. There’s just so many of them and they’re really difficult to deal with when you have to burn the drakes down as fast as possible.

The group was set up as follows:

Me- Feral tank on Sarth (50k-ish hp buffed)

Prot Pally- Blaze+ Whelp tank

Feral Druid- Drake Tank

3 healers- Shaman, Pally, Disc Priest

DPS- Rogue (anesthetic poison the enraged blazes), Mage, Warlock, Ret Pally

No one dps’d Sarth at the beginning of the fight as I had to drag him across his island to tank him properly (the little corner of the island that juts out a tad). The dps got into their positions and the drake tank waited for him to pop while the blaze tank gathered them up and the dps tried to down those before Tenebron popped.

Once Tenebron popped we had our first issue, snap aggro. The feral druid was having a slight problem getting good threat established on Tenebron as the dps is required to bomb the hell out of him as soon as he lands. I realize now my mistake. The druid was actually a boomkin using his relatively good feral gear and recpeccing specifically for this fight. I should have given him a better idea for getting aggro very quickly in that situation (Enrage> FF> Berserked Mangle Spam). This was a big factor in many of our wipes (we got it going a tad better once the rogue was Tricking onto the druid.) Once this was taken care of however, we found that the adds got to an almost unmanagable point.


So basically, we’re diagnosing the cause of our failures. Firstly, the all out dps at the start caused aggro issues, we’ve corrected this with TotT going to the drake tank. Positioning issues when Shadron came down were corrected by transitioning from spawn A to spawn B during the dps downtime during the firewall. Adds being enraged and killing the Add tank was corrected by the rogue Anesthetic poison shivving. Our next problem is the massive amount of adds that spawn. We can’t seem to figure out how to prioritize this one. If we kill the adds, the drake is alive far too long. If we focus the drake, the adds swarm to a ridiculous number and kill our tank.

If anyone has any advice on this one, please contribute. We’ve gotten this worked out a bit so far but the question of the adds has us a bit stumped.


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