Holy Batshit Arcane Goodness!

Arcane is the fucking shit! No, I am not just overly excited. I got jumped while leveling my 71 arcane mage by an 80 DK and nearly killed him. That’s right, 71 mage> 80 DK. The only thing that prevented the coup de grace was some 80 paladin hopping off his gryphon and hammering my face in, and it still took a couple of seconds for them to get me. (BTW, the DK jumped me while I was fighting something already so it was basically 2 on 1 and then 3 on 1 finally.)

So yeah, apparently the allies on my server need to team up at lvl 80 to kill level 71s. Shit, I’m not even pissed about getting ganked, I made that DK look stupid as hell before I died and almost killed the pally when he came back to get me solo (I have 8k hp at 71, he had 28k at 80).
So yeah… pew pew.


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