Lets bring the mage out!

So I started leveling my mage again. It is decidedly more fun to nuke the shit out of monsters while they slowly run at you than it is to jump on them and bite them (ok, maybe not THAT much more fun.)

But, dear 1.5 average readers, I am at an impasse. You see, I am currently leveling my mage frost, and although I do love the frost nukes, I have to wonder if Arcane might not be the better bet. I’ve watched our mages switch from the frostfire spec to arcane and watched their numbers absolutely sky rocket. I’m not talk about a difference of 3200 to 3300 or some number like that that may have more to do with gear, this is a whole new type of ass whooping. Our arcane mages were pumping out around 4400-4500 dps on sartharion on saturday (we downed him+1 with 20 people for 2 achievements, woot).

After seeing this absolutely ridiculous amount of dps, I couldn’t resist. I had to level my mage. It just couldn’t be helped. But how shall I level? Do I want to continue bringing the freeze, or melt faces with Arcane? I’ll do a bit more research on this and maybe get into a couple builds and etcetera so that those who stumble on this page don’t think it’s an absolute waste of time.

Edit: So I made the switch, I decided to try out my own arcane spec for soloing. For those of you wondering, the normal Arcane Raid Spec is here. It maximizes your dps with Elemental Precision and Icy Veins. The normal spell rotation (oh god the mana sucking horror) is Arcane Blast x3> Arcane Missiles> Arcane Barrage. This is tricky, Arcane Barrage must be cast before the final missile is sent, otherwise it won’t get the buff.

Sure, it’s not the most mana friendly for soloing but with Evocation on a 2 minute cooldown, it’s just too tempting. For raiding situations where there’s no AOE, you’d want to use Evoc at the very last second of Ivy Veins, the channeling time will be shorter that way, but if there’s a lot of AOE, use that Evoc in conjunction with a full icy veins to prevent interruption, you’ll need the full Evoc.

Oh, and Torment the Weak just makes me weep with joy. While soling, can you think of a time when you don’t slow an enemy? I can’t. And in raids? I guarantee there’s a slow effect on the boss or trash. Thunderclap for warriors, Infected Wound for druids, and some Judgement for Pallies will slow the target. It doesn’t just mean “slow” as in a snare, it also means their attack speed, isn’t that tasty?

I’ll post here when I try it out in leveling finally, right now trying to level herbalism and inscription.


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