Tanking Threat and me

Every good tank knows threat. Threat is what makes you stand up to that mob and say “Hey bitch, right here!”

But, how does one develop threat? So used to trying to hold threat off of super zealous dps last night, I ran in on Patchwerk (43k hp druid offtank thank you) and started unloading on him like I was trying to MT. Of course, that caused me to gain initial threat. The paladin tank picked him up easy enough off me once I realized the error of my ways but I still felt like a nub. (In my defense I was drinking to dull the pain in my mouth from my relatively botched wisdom teeth removal). Oops.

In another instance, while tanking some things, I find myself actually having to work at staying above the dps.  I decided it’s time to focus on my rotation.

The rotation really depends on the boss fight. If you’re doing something like Sapphiron, Noth, or Heigan; lacerate is more trouble than it’s worth. The bleed effect is going to wear off. Your best bet is to swipe with maul and mangle and FF whenever the cooldown is up (btw, don’t bother with FF if a moonkin w/ imp FF is in the raid, it’ll just waste precious moments in hitting a dead button and having the “A more powerful spell is already active” message come up.

Now, on more stationary bosses where they aren’t going to run away, lacerate can be included.


Usually on Sapph my rotation looks something like this:

FF (moonkin usually hasn’t thrown his at the very beginning so it gives you some nice initial threat.)> Mangle> Maul+ Lacerate x2> Mangle> Lacerate+ Maul x 3> Mangle> Swipe +maul x2> Mangle

Basically lacerate+maul between mangles until a 5 stack, then swipe+ maul between mangles, only lacerating to refresh the stack. FF should be used in there as well but I’m nearly always raiding with an Imp. FF moonkin so I never get to use it. None stationary fights look something like this:

Mangle> Swipe + Maul x2>rinse>repeat for eternity.

Using this rotation I don’t have any issues with threat and can usually moderate around 4.6k tps at the least.

Now… I don’t use Imp. Mangle. I know, I can’t believe me either. But it kinda makes sense. Mangle is now not that big a deal. I read on Thinktank (wowthinktank.blogspot.com) that at the threat per second difference is tiny and without that tiny little bit of threat you can put some points in more cat friendly talents to help your raid when you aren’t tanking(let’s face it, they’d rather you dps Thaddius than the prot warrior). My cat dps (while awful) went up around 300 by switching a few talents around (I can’t remember what okay? I’m sorry but I know I took the one that reduces Shred’s energy cost). 

Which is another thing I have a problem with, since when has melee deeps become so complicated? Isn’t tanking supposed to be more difficult. Instead, now tanking is a swipe+ maul fest of bad and cats have to remember sequences of 90 some possibilities to get mediocre dps while mages can scorch spam and hot streak their way to 3k dps (no, that’s not exaggerating, someone pulled that off last night on Patch on a dare). I hope Ulduar has some tanking challenges, sheesh.


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