Guild Drama,why do we put up with it…

You’ve all seen it. Things are 100% fine. Everyone is coasting along, then something happens. It can happen in one of two ways. 1.) Someone is gradually grating everyone’s nerves by being a jerk, sucking, goofing off in inappropriate times or in an inappropriate manner, or all of the above; or 2.) something happens to just set someone off. It seems like this is becoming worse and worse lately in all guilds since I see a lot of bloggers blogging about it. Is it because the content in WotLK is basically done for the moment? Whatever the reason, it can get bad.

The guild I’m in, The Synergized, is a casual, family-friendly guild. Family-friendly meaning that we don’t allow cussing and inappropriate talk in guild raids, guild chat, or vent. It’s just not allowed. “Wait, but Moo… you cuz like a truck driver….” Fuck you, this isn’t in guild. Reason being that some people have kids in the guild and don’t want them to see rolling lines of type of cuss words. I understand there’s a language filter, I know it’s there for a reason. That’s beside the point. The rules have been in effect for a very very long time, we aren’t going to just up and change them because someone wants to type out cuss words.

Now, I say we’re casual in the sense that raiding is not our #1 priority. We’re a friendly guild. We mostly all like to raid but we really like to keep it laid back. We don’t snap out on people if they are sub-par at dps. We don’t tell people that they need to be on all for every raid. We raid 3 hours a night, 4 nights a week and if you can’t make it, just let us know and it’s cool. We’ve made it to #12 on the server like this and I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment when the guilds above you and several spots below you are serious raiding guilds. My point is that we have never been hardcore serious before and I don’t think we have plans to be in the future.

Now, enter guild drama. I woke up on sunday in a slight haze as my night time pain killers were wearing off (wisdom teeth got pulled last week). I signed on to do some dailies. So we’re chatting, being friendly, etc. etc. There’s 2 officers, me and another, and another officer on his alt. So someone says “damn” in guild chat. It’s not that big a deal. We had let it go before but now ask nicely not to say it in guild chat. Apparently, this was far too much to ask. Commence a 45 minute long conversation where this one member argues with me about whether or not he should be allowed to say it. I wasn’t debating about whether “damn” is a cuss word mind you. I actually agreed that it wasn’t that bad of a word. No, what I was arguing about was the fact that this guildy, instead of acknowledging an officer asking him not to say something (she explained it very nicely too, some members find it offensive so please don’t do it) and maybe stating that he didn’t agree with it but okay, he chose instead to debate with us (then just me, and then other guildies who came online to the conversation) about whether it was a good rule (mind you, we ask you to agree with the rules first). After a very long time, we settled down and he basically told me he’d do it anyway and I told him that he’d most likely be kicked.

Now, I don’t care about the cuss words myself. I could care less if someone said “shit” in g chat. The point is respect. It’s respect for the guildies who don’t want to see it. It’s respect for the guildies who have kids that may be online. It’s respect for the damn rules of the guild you signed up for. Is it too much to ask? Not in my opinion. But some people don’t get it. It’s not the words I care about, it’s the guildies. If I bend the rules to make you happy, I can upset another guildy. So the rules are there. Obey or get the fuck out. The guy didn’t get kicked, though the GL gave me the option. I said he deserved 1 more chance but there have been other complaints about him so he’s on probation. 1 more strike.


Now another instance of drama. The same damn day, later in Nax, we steamrolled the remainder. We only had military quarter and then the last 2. Raid time was set at 6 server. At 6 server, for the last 2 weeks or so, we’ve started invites. This sunday they started early because our GL wasn’t on so we wanted to get in faster. So invites go out and at exactly 6 server our MT, who I always thought was a pretty cool guy, starts calling out who isn’t there. Look, I get that you’re impatient but that’s fucking annoying. And he kept doing it. Throughout the entire instance, he was fast pulling. The guy is an amazing tank, don’t get me wrong. He’d pull a group, I’d run in and pick a few off him, he’d start pulling right after. That’s how I like to pull. But his attitude started to grate our, I say our b/c I wasn’t the only one. He was acting like he was suddenly the god of the raid, and what he says goes. It was annoying. I couldn’t figure out why he was acting this way. Then it hit me, the GL wasn’t on. It’s apparently a “be a prick for free” card. It was fine though, he was just grating nerves with his attitude, it wasn’t like he was being insulting… Well, until we downed Kel’thuzad. Now, we 1 shot the entire raid. No wipes. We had rogues and DKs up front interrupting, the tank was helping. After the raid, the tank throws up the interrupt meter showing that the rogue and he were the top 2 interrupters. Next in line was a DK with 6, then our ret pally. Firstly, it needed to be addressed because our tank died once during the fight (luckily there was a save by one of our DKs till a B-rez was thrown) and he was still second, fourth in line was our ret pally who has a 60 second cd on his interrupt. Why did our dks have so much trouble? This could have been addressed in a calm or civil manner. What happens? “You guys freaking fail, look at these interrupts”… Oh great. So one of our DKs, the one with 6 interrupts, tries to explain why it might be difficult for them to interrupt. Who fires back at him and attacks him? The tank? Nope. Another DK. One that either wasn’t on the meters or had 1 interrupt, I don’t know who it was. Pandemonium ensues. Oh ho ho though. Our guild leader managed to sneak onto vent right before the last fight and listen in (while he waited for the 15 minute long server queue) and managed to break it up somewhat.


Now here’s the main problem. If we kick the people who start the problems, we start discord. Their friends decide they’ll leave too. Then we have open raid spots that we need to recruit to fill or train new people for. If we don’t, then we say this is okay and that the drama they cause is not a problem since there are no repurcussions. I personally, just feel like playing an alt tonight instead of raiding, drama has sucked the fun right out of the game for me.


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