3.0.8 wtf?

There’s speculation about whether 3.0.8 is going to drop today… I don’t care. If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, I get a few more minutes to play WoW tonight. I have trouble getting excited for any patch. I’m aware of changes, I’m aware of how they affect my class and others. But… You know what I’m marginally excited about? Opening clams while on a mount or in flight and stacking them. I know, I know. It’s stupid but I remember getting on a flight on my first ever character (night elf hunter… yeah) and wondering why the hell I couldn’t open my clam. Does my toon need both hands to hold onto the reins or something? And why don’t they stack? They aren’t gear. So since this was 3 years ago or so (how long has it been?), I kinda like this change because it reminds me of when the game was all new and shiny.

I’d talk about the other changes but who really wants to hear them? You can find them on WoWinsider or on World of Warcraft or MMOChampion and many many more.

I will, however, say that the armor nerf to druids is a good and bad thing. Some druids are getting armor capped already just from running Nax, OS, and heroics. That’s like getting capped coming out of T4 in BC, it shouldn’t be happening. The only reason it’s bad is because we will now have less mitigation than other tanks for a little while, we’ll need to seriously focus on ilevel and armor on our leather items from here on out, blues just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.


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