Goodbye to Friends

Last week, our Guild Leader was mysteriously absent for our raid on Tuesday. This struck us as odd, not that he missed a raid, but that he didn’t tell anyone. So… your’s truly put together the raid. I’m not used to being a raid leader and let’s just say it was enlightening experience that I’d just as soon never ever experience again. Well, we went and did the first 2 wings of Nax for the heck of it. Now, Wednesday rolls along and still no Pallacious (our GL), so we said “Hope he’ll be on tomorrow.”

Now it’s Thursday, I’m coming home from work on the bus when my little brother (lower level in the guild) says “Hey Josh, did Pallacious quit?”

“Uhhh, not that I know of… Why?”

“People in chat are saying that there’s a post on the guild website and it says he’s quitting. I can’t find it though but I can’t get into ‘Member’s Only’.”

“I’ll check when I get home.”

I get off the phone and there’s a sinking pit in my stomach… Pallacious quitting? Couldn’t be. He basically is Synergized. I couldn’t imagine the guild without him. But… Sure enough, I get home and immediately log onto the website and there’s Pallacious’s “Goodbye post”. Explaining that he’s bored with the game, he’s no longer having any fun with it, etc. Not only him, but his wife Krasiva as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Pallacious was a great guild leader, he brought our guild to competing for number 4 (horde) on the server, while keeping our raid times casual and our requirements moderately lax. No small accomplishment. But what really got me was the fact that both Pallacious and Krasiva were just great people. They were actual in game friends. I’d talk to Pallacious on vent just for kicks while in pugs, laughing about the pug itself. I’d make friendly fun of Krasiva for being a priest (hey, no one’s perfect) They were both nice to everyone and kept their cool excellently even in high stress raids (wipes on first time Solarian kill anyone?). It was rare to see them lose their calm at any point and their attitudes rubbed off on the guild itself. We were laid back, chatting in vent while clearing trash. Laughing at mistakes that caused wipes (and noting the mistakes to make sure they didn’t happen again) instead of blaming people and yelling, etc. It was clear that the they were the glue that, while it may not have held the guild together, kept it strong. Now, with them gone, you can feel their absence. It’s palpable. Not so much as a guild leader, as our new Guild Leader Dartanlla is just as excellent and is more than capable of the Guild Leader job. But more along the lines of looking on my FL to see who’s on and knowing 2 ppl that won’t be.

The guild held together so far, we went and raided as we normally would for thursday, saturday, and sunday. We forgot what we were doing on 4 horsemen and ended up wiping quite a few times but we did it. But now comes the hard part. Can we live up to the name Synergized as was demonstrated by Pallacious and Krasiva? I hope so, but either way, they will be sorely missed.


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