Oh noes….

Here I am, looking at the rest of this week and shuddering. Why? Because, come Wednesday, I’ll be going under the knife (or pliers or whatever the hell they use) to get my wisdom teeth out. What this means for me is that I’ll be unable to eat solid food (my favorite kind since I was 1) for a good couple days. It also means long bouts of being drugged for the next few days punctuated by brief, but strong, bouts of pain. But, most importantly, it means that I may not be able to raid or maybe even play WoW for the next few days. This makes Moo a sad panda (ok grizzly, whatever ya jerks).

From what I understand, and I may be wrong as I haven’t had surgery since I got my tonsels out in the third grade some 15 years ago (you do the math and tell me how old I am), I will be in a haze of drugs and anesthesia for the first day or two. My raid nights are tuesday and thursday during the week. I may be unable to raid… NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *pant pant* Okay, pulled together again. It’s not so bad, I’ve got a book and I ordered Fallout 3 and COD5:WaW so I could be kept busy… I guess *sigh*.


One thing is for sure though, I won’t be talking on vent…


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