Guess who’s back

Dear 1.3 readers, the Moo is back. Oh yes, here I am, new and improved. I’m oh so very sorry for not posting in so long, you see, I had things to do… ya know… stuff. Okay, there was someone else ūüė• It didn’t mean anything, they were just so new and so incredible. I had fun with them. But I swear, I always knew I would come back, it was just a question of when I had enough time between working and my new mistress… WotLK.

Oh yes, that new expac is a sexy bitch alright. Can’t get enough of JC dailies with a 200 gold reward. Cooking dailies with spices that sell like crack. And get this, stabbing dragons while in flight, trying not to fall or be muched by their jaws! Fuck yeah baby!

But I digress. My post now is to confess. Dear heavenly internet, I have sinned. I have laid down my branches and picked up the fur. I have forsaken by healing heritage, of which I had plenty of since before BC, and now walk the path of the bear. “Gasp” you say? “No” you cry? “Why” you ask?Well friend, I’ll get to that.¬†My guild was as surprised as anyone. But… it’s just fun on bosses now. Lacerate, mangle, maul, swipe, hit your Defender’s code and Monarch Crab and Barkskin at different intervals. Oh yes, it is “the sexy”.

Now, as to “why”… It seems my lot in life to choose the wrong path consistently… I was a PvE Resto Druid in a time when Resto Druids ruled PvP and were at least partially shunned in PvE. I chose to level moonkin, when clearly resto was the best choice. I chose fire as a spec for my mage, right before arcane was announced it’s ridiculous buff. So, it only seems natural that I would choose feral druid and gear myself out right before the armor nerf was announced… God hates me…¬† So now I have a bear tank just as blizzard is about to nerf the fur off his butt. It’s a crying shame.

I don’t want to put a bad light on this, I love the new expac. The content is a little… well… crappy right now. Nax is back but… why? It used to be such an awesome, challenging, cool looking instance. Now it feels like Kara-lite. I feel cheated out of a decent storyline as to why it was removed and is floating in Dragonblight. The instances are fun but consist of AOE fests until bosses, which are then usually easy (though I am convinced the snake boss in H-Gundrak is the hardest single boss in the game right now, Kel and Saph included.) I can hardly wait to see Ulduar and the Sartharion-like content inside like blizz promised us.

I hope your enjoying the content that you’ve had for the last 2 months and I will talk to you again soon. Have a blast in the new content.¬†Unfortunately, I may need to spec back to healer to experience this, as our mitigation is now lower than any tank in the game… Well, at least I didn’t roll a DK.


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