WoW and WoW Blogs, the missing Moo

So… I’ve been MIA on the blog scene for a while. Mainly due to the fact that I got bored with blogging about WoW. I mean, I write about WoW, which makes me want to play. If I’m at home, I then stop writing and play WoW. If I’m at work, I can’t play so I need to stop doing whatever makes me want to…. *sigh* It’s a vicious circle. Anyways, I’m back now because all my other distractions are currently inaccessible.

Last time I wrote here about raiding, my guild had only gotten to Gruul and wiped horribly. Well, I can safely say that now, Gruul is one dead giant. In fact, so is Magtheridon, Void Reaver, Solarian, Lurker, Tidewalker, Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, and High Warlord Najentus. Yeah, we’ve come pretty far. We had a downtime in there in which we kinda stopped raiding because… well, things weren’t going well and we stopped rather than spend hours sucking. Now we’re back and last night took down Rage and Anetheron on the first attempt. Only wipe was on Ane’s trash due to some massive spike damage on the pally tank that we weren’t ready for. Other than that, the night went smoothly and we plan on taking out Khaz’rogal later this week.

So yeah, the reason I even thought about writing again is that some people in my guild have seen this blog and commented on it (especially the fact that I’m so foul-mouthed, they were caught completely off guard). So I started it back up and might actually have some funny or interesting stuff to write about soon… you know, instead of this bullshit news anchor crap I’m writing now (fake, news anchor laugh followed by fake-after-laugh sigh). Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you at five.


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