As promised, I decided to post about WoW today. The winner was the dreamstate-resto build. Now, I can’t comment on it too much due to the fact that I didn’t get much time in as it because it was just too much for me. I started out Kara as Dreamstate and respecced back after Moroes.

Firstly, HT sucks. It takes almost as long as a priest’s greater heal (fully talented) and it does not get the same output. I think it might be different if I had some more spell crit but as it is, I was no where close to satisfied. The +healing based on intellect was nice and HT would pick up a higher coefficient than, say, Regrowth or Lifbloom but it still did not pack enough of a bunch for me to decided to switch entirely.

Secondly, mana. Where did my unexhaustible fount of mana go? I found myself actually having to drink…. I haven’t had to drink until after a boss fight at all in Kara as a tree! Why, with my mana regen so incredibly increased is my mana gone so quickly? Simple, HT costs a lot. I may be super mana regen man but I’m spending it far faster than I can regen it. Now, I don’t need to be at full mana all the time but I do need to retain some mana sometimes. Thirdly, gimped HoTs. Granted, I should not be throwing out HoTs at all if I’m in dreamstate but the problem for me was that the other resto druid in the group was already stacking HoTs and there was almost no healing to be done.

I know. I didn’t give dreamstate a fair chance. I know I’m biased because I’m a tree and that’s the only goddamned good resto spec *stubborn fuming*. But I was so far revolted by dreamstate that I can’t ever think of respeccing back. It makes me cringe to think of it. I can certainly see the solo bonuses since you get pretty far into the balance tree but other than that it’s just useless to me. And I don’t want to say that the dreamstate-resto druids out there suck. What I am saying is that from what I was able to test, there was no true bonus to dreamstate compared to my being a tree… Well except for seeing my armor and moving fast. Why don’t you get on that blizzard? Tree Armor FTW!!!


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