Where have all the mage blogs gone?

I decided to be bored today at work and do some research for my budding level 64 mage. Looking around for some info and/or maybe a pre-kara gear list I realized something, there are almost no mage blogs. I mean, there are a ton of hunter, druid, and priest blogs. A few scattered warrior, rogue, shaman, and paladin blogs. A smattering of warlock blogs. (Did I miss a class?) But, gentle reader, I have found NO mage blogs. Now, I’m aware that google may skip a few, and being at work restricts my access to certain sites that may have a link to a mage blog. But seriously? I can slam my face on my keyboard on google and come up with Priest or Druids or Hunters, why no love for the mages?

So I have decided that I will speak out for mages everywhere and do my dang homework. I will become a damn fine mage with up to date info and theory crafting. First thing I will do is come up with a pre-kara gear guide so stay tuned for that.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean I will stop posting about resto druids but I will make it a point to not include guides due to the sheer volume of other awesome Trees out there, for example The Part Time Druid or Resto4Life. Anyways, I hope to have something worth reading soon. Till then, ttfn.



  1. Larísa said

    Hi there! I’m a mage and I’ve got a blog (though I must admit that most of it’s content is rather general, not mage specific). I found your blog by a great blogroll list Gnomeaggedon has done. You’ll find it here.


    Actually I had the same impression as you that it was only loads of druid, pala and priest blogs out there, but apparently there are a few mages around after all.

    Larísa, arcane mage and blogger

  2. Sonny said

    I too lament the paucity of mage blogs, but I’ve started my own called Sonny For the Win. Check that out if you want.

  3. Again, gnomeageddon has directed another mage through his awesometastic roll. Wow Insider has a decent kara list for mages that plan on gearing up right when they hit 70. My advice from here on out is to simply either quest for rep and gold, and do a combination of farming and instancing your way to a flying mount at 70. The sooner you can do Tempest Keep, the sooner you can get more opportunities to get some decent boss drops to last you as far as curator.

  4. Mmm yeah there are more of us out there now than there were at the time of writing… my list is potentially stale.. I dream that people will come back to their blogs, but there is also the twisted nether blog list.

    If you are a Mage looking for some Mage reading, then come on down to Armaggedon’s Coming, if only to check out the ReadByGnome page.

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