Gruul Woes

Oh, Gruul, you silly drooling bastard. Why do you taunt us so?

I am a sad cow this morning friends. Yet again, we were shown last night that we “are not prepared”. Yeah, I know that’s Illidan but I’m talking about Gruul. I’m allowed, artistic license.

So last night, we had a ZA run scheduled for 7:30 server (8:30 my time). We ended up with a lot more people on than necessary and saw that ZA hadn’t reset yet, so Gruul’s was on the agenda. Now, we blasted through High King last time and nearly downed Gruul. This time, things went a little different. We waited around for quite awhile to make sure we’d get enough people on to start. Then there was the summoning, the quick runs to Ogri’la and surrounding areas for flasks, and the waiting for afks. When all is said and done, we got into Gruul’s around 9 server or 10 my time. Well, I was a bit discouraged. I was actually already pretty tired from earlier that day (jogging in 90 degree weather sucks) and didn’t look forward to another late night, but I was all for killing that giant gronn punk-ass.
Let the wipes begin friends. We cleared the trash easily enough and set up for High King. The explanations were long unfortunately and I started to get impatient but we started.
First wipe: the mage aggro-ed the Firehand getting into position. We set back up. Second wipe: our rogues weren’t interrupting enough on the seer and he was getting heals off. It took a long time to down him and our mage bit it due to an unluckily timed fireball. Third wipe: the fel stalker was running wild and knocked off the mage’s healer, mage died. Fourth wipe: mage died. Now, I understand that in a lot of raids, it’s a long run back from the graveyard but Gruul’s is not one of them. We could have shaved several MINUTES off of our time getting set up between wipes if people would just RUN THE FUCK BACK, LAZY!!!!!! It honestly really started to piss me off. I mean, I get that it might be a force of habit but even after we said that everyone should be running back to save time, they still just laid there. It took so much time between wiping and setting back up that I actually started singing Too Many Annas’ Druid Got Back Song¬†because first, it’s genius, and second I was soooooo bored. Finally, our fifth and last wipe was put down to several things. We had 2 mages in the raid and so switched the current tank with the other. That mage did well at first but eventually died. Then the mage that was tanking before picked it up and my heart lifted. It was an excellent grab. But before she was able to, Krosh killed 2 of our healers. So we were down to healers and only 1 add was dead. We wiped. Then we decided to call it.
My observations on this fight are pretty scarce. I was watching the mage though. I understand that to be successful, a mage is going to have to wipe a few times or have this fight pretty down before going in. I am not one to lay blame on anyone because I know tanking Krosh is rather hard so I fully believe that the real problem here was just inexperience. I think if we had our guild’s mage, we would have kicked ass but I also think that the mage we had is on her way there. To my guild’s credit, no one was a jerk about it. There were polite suggestions and advice. People were asking if she was making sure to steal the shield as soon as it came up, that sort of thing. I just hope she wasn’t too discouraged based on that fight. There are few fights up to this point where if anyone but the tank or healer dies then the raid wipes and it’s not an easy fight considering how fast you have to hit spellsteal to make sure you don’t die.

Anyways, on a lighter note, I did finish my Spellcloth Tailoring quest yesterday on my mage, and that kicks ass. Level 64 mage owns nether-whatever. Well, a passing level 69 orc hunter did help me out so I gave him 10 gold because I thought that a good deed should not go unrewarded. I found a few mage sites that I want to take a better look at and I’ll post them soon. TTFN


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