ZA Wins and Woes

I’m going to be putting up a resto druid workup soon. We just got a new resto druid in the guild that PvP’d mostly and was asking me for advice so I want to be able to have something for him. More on that later though.


My guild has been killing the first 2 bosses of ZA with ease for some time now. We actually missed the timer on Akil’zon by about 2 seconds or so a week ago. Well last night we decided to give the timed event another shot on at least Akil’zon. We all got all potted up and well fed, dealt with some Pally Power (addon I guess) buff issues (Blessing of Might on a Resto Druid? Silly pally) and started the event. We were all pumped up and ready to get it on. We started off and dropped the first group of adds almost immediately and started for Akil’zon when everyone around me started to run in place… I said so in vent saying that I might DC and everyone else said the same thing. Apparently, Wildhammer decided to go down 1 goddamn minute into our timed ZA run. What the hell man? So finally the server comes back online and we find we have about 15 minutes left. So we decided (after some very odd occurences where we weren’t in a raid together but still cleared trash) to take the bear down instead to see if we can make the timer. Well, we didn’t. We got there with around 6 or 7 minutes to spare which was ample time but we had some buff issues and didn’t start till we had around 4 minutes left.

Well, we beat Nalorakk and got the Fury (link to be added at a later time) and decided to move on to Jan’Alai, who had troubled the guild so far. Jan’Alai, I have to say, is a really fun fight. I like the dancing between fire bombs and the need for huge heals on the AOE pulls. It keeps you on your toes. This was my first experience with Jan’Alai and while I liked the fight itself, I was really hoping for my [Helm of Natural Regeneration] to drop. It didn’t but we did kill him on our first attempt. Hmmm… No kill when Moo isn’t there but One-Shotted when he is….Coincidence? I think not. After that, I wasn’t able to stay much longer due to some GF-aggro issues and called it a night.


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