Not really a post…

Well, I tried to make a post earlier about this weekend but they’ve got me kinda overwhelmed at work. So I will leave you with these Words of Wisdom:

-Gruul can evasion bug and really take the piss out of your night.
-Velveeta Shells and Cheese are perfectly fine how they are. You do not need the recipes on the back of the box, do not fuck with them!
-If you say “This is it” really fast on a lower quality mike in vent, it will sound like “This is shit” and cause some problems.
-Damn and hell and dick and cock are all swear words and not swear words. Not a swear word: The dick found out the evil cock had beesent to hell. Evil roosters are not exempt from being damned.
Swear word: Go to hell you damned dickhead cock muncher!
Fuck does not have this distinction.
-Rogues are bashed by everyone else for the simple reason that they do not play a rogue.

-Rouge is fucking make-up. Rogue is a class. Learn how to spell it.

-Only morons believe themselves to be right all the time. Next time you refuse to listen, think about that.


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