High King + Kara= Owned, Gruul… not so much

Well, it was quite the eventful weekend. On Saturday, me and a few other guildies were bored and just PvPing or grinding alts and our GM says “Ya know, we have enough on, anyone wanna do Gruul’s?” Well, everyone wanted to do Gruul’s damn it. Several of us had gone through it before but never on a guild run and Synergized, my guild, hadn’t been able to down HK the last 2 times we tried it. Every time we’ve tried going back since the second try, no matter if it was on Group Calendar or not, we haven’t had enough people so we were excited that we finally did.

So we all get ready with consumables and everything, all that pre-raid stuff. I log off quickly to shut down some unnecessary addons and enable some others (Wyn’s UI FTW). We head into Gruul’s and start the explanations. Blah blah blah. Turns out, there is a ramp to the right on the wall that the mage can run to in order to tank Firehand, but they have to invis up to it before the pull. But anyway, we wiped once due to an issue with the mage’s positioning but after the first time High king was dead and I was looking at 2 T4 Druid, Warrior, Priest shoulder tokens. Now this was a big event, because in all the weeks we had been running Kara (literally around 8 full kara runs) we had only seen the Fallen Defender tokens drop (gloves or helm) once off Curator. So for the rest of us, we were excited. The the rolls began and our priests got them… ARGH!!!!!!!! Oh well, my current shoulders are better by themselves anyways but it would have been nice. So we distribute loot and move on to Gruul.

Now let me say something about Gruul. He’s a pretty fun fight if done right. You basically dance around like a damn monkey on a hibachi the whole fight but that’s why I like being a druid, I can pull that off. But if he isn’t done right… well, he sucks. We wiped the first time. I don’t know exactly what went wrong but he was running around the room chasing our tank, it was actually pretty funny to watch. The second time we wiped due to shatters. I was thrown into the air and when I landed I saw at least 6 people on my DBM “Too Close” indicator and just said “Oh Shit”. The third time went perfectly; we had the right postioning, enough DPS, good heals getting off, everything going perfectly. Then someone pulled aggro off the tank… I mean, it’s a raid boss fight man, you gotta watch your threat, especially when we need to have everyone below the both MT and OT, but I digress. Anyway, they pulled aggro, it was a dumb move but who would have thought that the person who pulled aggro just happened to be in one of those pathing dead zones that monsters can’t get to. So he went after the person, and reset. He goes “Evade Evade” and bac to full fucking health. So now we have a ticked off Gruuls with 9 grows at 100%. Wipe. After this, I think everyone was severely pissed and out of it, we wiped twice just trying to get rezzes and everyone set back up due to accidental aggro. Respawns came up and I had to take a time out to help my poor drunken fiancee (bachelorette¬†party) up the stairs and hold her hair back for a bit. I come back and find that they had started the trash again and that they wiped. So everyone rezzes we start over again and wipe for the last time on Gruul. We called it a night but felt pretty good about it. We had taken High King down for the first time and we were confident that Gruul would eventually follow. I think the real problem was after the reset, everyone kinda lost their will after that. Oh well, HK down in 2 attempts and Gruul is waiting.

The next day, Sunday, we decided to run Kara again. More for the badges than for the loot because, besides tier pieces, no one really needs much of an upgrade from there. Now, I thought we were pretty awesome before going in but after.. just wow. We sped through all of kara in 3 hours with not a single wipe. Not on Nightbane nor on Netherspite. We literally took Attumen down in less than 5 minutes from pulling the first trash. After we were done we just kinda looked around and said “What the hell? Was that it?” There was talk of clearing the servant’s quarters just for kicks but we decided against it. I know this may not come as so great an accomplishment to those who are used to it but it was a weekend of landmarks for us. Plus I got some new boots [Slippers of Dutiful Mending]


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