UI Switcharoo

I honestly have to say that one of the things I love and yet hate most in this game is switching my UI setup. One of Blizzard’s best ideas was to make this game so customizable. In FFXI (my only other true MMO experience), running any sort of 3rd party program could lead to a quick smack with the ban stick. I love to switch my UI around and find that I am always looking for new setups. It’s just part of the fun of the game for me. The part that I absolutely hate is the time it takes to organize everything when setting up a new UI. When you have 3 or 4 characters with unique keybindings and unique roles, you may spend 2+ hours just setting the damn things up. I just decided to switch UIs so this is fresh in my mind.
For a while I was running a goofy and messy Bongos/X-perl setup that was just plain “bleh”. My buttons had no purposes, everything was just thrown on and unorganized. After a while though, I saw Spartan UI and fell in love. But “every rose has its thorns” and while Spartan UI had a clean look, a wonderful layout, and cleared out plenty of room on my screen; it was still in developement and there were bugs. My WoW would occasionally lock up on entering the game, a wierd orange bar would walk across the bottom of my screen, enemy debuffs would not show up, etc. I am sure that, in the future, the bugs will be fixed and this UI will be fantastic but, while I did play with it for a while, I had to supplement quite a bit to try and make it workable (and also just worked through the crashes). Then, while reading a couple of the blogs I usually read, I happened upon Wyn’s UI at World of Matticus and my heart trembled. The clean look, the lack of clutter, the buttons, the quick-glance layout, the BUTTONS! Oh my, I had to have it! I looked through the post and quickly downloaded the mods she referenced, taking note that I had a few but clearly didn’t utilize them properly. If you are a healer, I strongly recommend checking this out and at least implementing some of it. Even with spartan UI I had some problems seeing my screen and now, after setting up this UI this morning before work, I can easily see a nice clear screen, YAY!. My only problem now is to actually get these buttons set up in a nice, somewhat-less-insane order since I didn’t really have time to do it before work. My thanks go out to Matticus and Wynthea for this. I might actually put a screenie up after our next raid.



  1. Wynthea said

    Thanks for the compliments. I’m blushing IRL! If you need any help getting them set up the way you want them, feel free to drop me a line. I’ll be happy to walk you through anything I can.

  2. moomajick said

    Thanks a lot Wyn. You deserved them. Keep up the posts and show me more goodies, lol!

    Oh, and the speed on that comment made my head spin, you are fast!

  3. Wynthea said

    haha. Work + procrastination + email notifications = quick comments


  4. moomajick said

    Lol. Work+procrastination+boredom= BLOG POST!

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