Tree Healers and Tanks

Are you a resto druid? Have you ever noticed that while in a group a tank somehow manages to take spike damage and then you’re struggling to get him back up? Did you ever feel inadequate because the tank died due to you not being able to heal the spike damage?

This isn’t uncommon for us Resto Druids. We tend to have problems healing spike damage because we are mainly HoT based. My 3 stack of lifebloom ticks for around 700 per second, with a rejuvenation of around 800ish (haven’t really checked it recently) every 3 seconds. That’s 2900 HP healed per 3 seconds, or 966.67 HPS (health per second). In some instances, especially raids, your tank is going to be taking more than that and there is really nothing you can do except add regrowth to the mix. But, and this is a very big but, if your tank is taking more than that very often (I’m talking rolling lifeblooms and rejuv and you still have to spam regrowth) it isn’t you or the fact that you’re a druid (unless you have really bad +healing but then you would know that), it’s probably the tank. Unfortunately, as trees, we have to pay special attention to the tank’s gear and what fights are going on. We need to anticipate exactly when spike damage is going to hit and what CC’s are breaking soon so we know when to start getting heals onto dps. This is going to sound odd since you’re a healer but learn how to tank. If you learn how to tank then you know more about mitigation and holding aggro. You know why the tank there is taking a crapload more damage than he should and you know why the mage over there is pulling aggro and you can prepare for it. If the tank has crappy gear then you know what you’re in for and can adjust your plan accordingly.

To help with this you may want to check out Healbot at Curse-Gaming. It simplifies this down to a point and click. Your tank is your target but you see the mage just got slapped, just click on his name on the healbot plate and it pops a spell on him. The spells are assigned to your mouse keys in the options and you can customize and add modifiers.

Another nice thing to remember is that your spell does not start casting till you let go of the key, so if your tank is running into a fight and you know he’s gonna take some initial burst before you get the rolling LBs on him, cast a regrowth and as soon as you hit the button, hold down the button for Lifebloom and release as soon as the spell stops casting, rinse and repeat. It helps keep you from allowing your tank fall into an HP hole since it’s easier to help him stay out of it than to pull him out.


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