I fail IRL…

This is a conversation that happened yesterday between me and my fiancee… Judge for yourself.

Moo– [blah blah blah] and then he punched him. El-oh-el.
Ms. Moo– *stare*
Moo– Did I seriously just say el-oh-el?
Ms. Moo– Yeah you did. Is it too late to get our money back for the wedding? Your nerd profile just like quadrupled.
Moo– Shut up. And yes it is too late. I can’t believe I said that.
Ms. Moo– That’s it. No more stupid game for you. I can’t have you talking to someone at the wedding and say “El-oh-el, that was funny”
Moo– Oh no, try and stop me from playing I’ll gank the hell out of you.
Ms. Moo– You’ll what?
Moo– Sonofabitch…
Ms. Moo– Pwned (poned) bitch.


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