I don’t know what I’m doing, but here’s this: My hate for NE Hunters.

So, I finally figured out that I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing at the moment. I’m basically trying to figure out exactly how to stop this thing from looking like crap and customize my backgrounds and top image but I guess that can wait. Currently, I think I’d better explain my extreme hostility towards Night Elf hunters.

First, again, I want to make clear that it isn’t that I hate them personally. It’s more that before BC and the introduction of the blood elves, Night Elf hunters were chosen predominatelyby a younger crowd. I understand this was not always the case as I am aware that there are mature players that do not deserve my ire that play NE Hunters but there were a great many more little kids running around with and NE Hunter because “Heez liek Legolas D00d!!!!111one.” This alone wouldn’t have caused me to become an NE Hunter-hating psychopath but there’s more, oh so much more.

I originally played alliance when I first started on this game. I chose for myself an NE Hunter because I had come from FFXI and in that game Rangers used ranged weapons and were the most highly damaging class at the time and Beastmasters used pets to fight and could solo with relative ease to 75 (the level cap). I chose NE because I saw agility was important for Hunters and they had the highest available for Alliance. There was no “NE looks best so I choose him” or “I wanna be an elf with a bow just like my effeminate hero, Legolas”, it was purely a stat based decision. Now at that time, I was new to the game and I don’t even think there was a battlegrounds yet (or I just ignored it) so I had no idea how the Horde would dominate that. So I soloed my way through, enjoying mowing through mobs and using the nightsaber I trained from Teldrassil. Now at about level 30 or so I started noticing the Horde. I was on a PvP server at the time and I would get ganked quite a bit. I finally got my first ever kill in Arathi against some rogue. Well, apparently he had friends. They all banded together and decided that I needed to die… over and over again. Well, I asked through general chat for some help. What do you think I got? “Just stay dead, noob,” “Sucks to be you,” and the ever popular “Haha.” Most of this came from, you guessed it, Night Elf Hunters.  Now after this I got pretty bored with my Hunter and decided to try a rogue. I went human rogue because they looked cooler, to tell the truth. Through leveling my rogue though, I got more and more experience with these NE hunters that were running around with names like Legoliss, Legols, XLegolasX, or whatever. I became completely fed up with them. They didn’t pull their weight in instances and were more often than not whiners or elitists or ninjas. I’m aware that this is around 75% of the WoW community anyway but this was my first experience. I got my rogue to 60, went through all kinds of fun stuff and then rerolled horde, to hell with alliance.

I’d say that ever since, I have always followed a strict rule of KoS with NE hunters. My guild knows this because we’ll be doing dailies in a group talking on vent and as soon as one walks past I make a beeline straight for them chanting “Night elf hunter, night elf hunter, night elf hunter” (I’m a resto druid, what do I expect to do? I don’t know or care but I’ll try). They’ve come to accept that I am a genocidal psychopath intent on wiping the NE hunter population out single-handedly. I once rode through STV trying to level herbalism on my then 61 mage and would go out of my way to kill any visible hunter (NE of course) all other allies I ignored.

In fact, I just had an experience that reinforces this further. Last night I was leveling my mage on the ogres in Zangarmarsh and came upon one such hunter. Now, being homicidal as I am, I pyroblasted him to hell and went back to grinding. A few minutes later he rezzed and was almost immediately attacked by 3 ogres after rezzing his pet. I watched this wondering whether I should go help the ogres or just watch and let him die… again, heh. But no, some tiny annoying little voice in my head says “Help him, overcome your hate.”  So, sighing, I walk over and grab 2 of the ogres off him. I kill one at about the same time he kills his and then he turns to me and starts shooting at what I thought was the ogre. Nope. He was shooting at me. I just saved him from these ogres (I know I killed him first but I prevented him from dying a second time here) and he decides he’s gonna give me a nice, big “Thank you” ganking. Well, now I know that if I kill someone once, I need to make sure to keep them dead till I leave.


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