My pathetic Intro

Well, I couldn’t think of a first post so I guess I’ll introduce myself.

Hi there! Finally after reading months of blog entries for The Big Bear Butt, Doomilius, Parry Dodge Spin, Resto4life, Temerity-Jane, The Part-time Druid, World of Matticus, For the Horde, and a lot more that I just can’t really continue writing about, I decided to make own blog. “Why?” you say, “What could you possibly have to add to the blogging community that has not already been said?” Well, my short answer is…nothing. You are not going to feel smarter for having read my blog, not going to read something so profound that you tear up and weep for joy at my overwhelming wisdom. You are not going to find a bunch of theorycrafting on World of Warcraft
because math makes me a sad panda. I am not going to talk about poop… Another blogger seems to have that covered. What I will post about is… well, everything. If I see something crazy going on in WoW, I may post about it. If I am struck by the sheer stupidity of the human race by yetanother loose-jawed asshat, I’ll most likely post about it. If I get bored and decide I want to post about my opinion of Velveeta Shells and Cheese (which I am hopelessly in love with), I’ll definitely post about it. Unfortunately, I’m most likely going to be irreverant, cynical, and (at times) boring. I may offend you. I may not. If I do, don’t let me know in a “I’m so full of myself, I crapped a clone yesterday” way because I don’t know you and I may get pissy and try to offend you even further. Hopefully, everyone will be happy and my 2 and a half readers will remain un-offended.
First, about myself: My name is Josh. I live in Pittsburgh, PA with myfiancee (wife after June 22) and am an avid Steelers and Penguins fan. I hate the Pirates but that’s because baseball fails to keep my attention for as long as it takes my finger to hit the button on my remote. I decided to start blogging because it looked like fun. I used to write short stories for a hobby and got a few in minor sci-fi mags and things but never really kept at it, but my fiancee wants me to write more often so I figure this
works well as an outlet. Plus, I like to rant and may have to do so on occassion here. I’m a bit cynical of course but not bitterly so. I have a few things that I like very much; food, smoking, drinking, gaming, and WoW. I may post quite a bit about these things in the future but for now I’ll try to keep this WoW related. Speaking of that:

My WoW History: I have 2 70s, one is a 70 Tauren Resto Druid named Moomajick that I’ve had for darn near ever. My other is a 70 NE rogue called Cytiarra. I’ve had 2 accounts hacked and 4 banned (including the two hacked ones) for various offenses (I haven’t cheated or anything, just got into trouble on the other 2 accounts). I’ve been playing the game since about 4 months after release, although I quit for a little while. I used to raid a lot and was in Nax when BC hit but have since toned it down a bit.
My 70 rogue IS a female because I was attempting to get my fiancee to play, failed, and just leveled her myself. I DO beleive that some men would rather stare at a woman toon for hours instead of a male but I believe that the reason I now choose to make female alts once in a while is because they just plain look better in most cases. I also have an extreme hatred (I don’t know why) for Night Elves. It’s odd considering I have one but there’s a special place in my black little heart for (and I’m sorry to any bloggers that might be reading this like BBB) for Night Elf Hunter Any time I see one, I have to kill them. It’s a horrible impulse but I act upon it with glee. More on that later tho.

Naturally, I hope both and a half of you all come back and enjoy this blog, I will try to keep this interesting and not bore you to death. Please, feel free to critique me, I’m gonna need it.



  1. moomajick said

    Just want to point out that I don’t hate the people who play NEs and NE Hunters….I just enjoy the heck out of killing them and hating them. I guess it’s as close to RP as I’m gonna get.

  2. den said

    The first time I created my post for my blog I was also anxious about it.

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